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Jul 16, 2008
South Wales
Yes I know you are all shocked........but I have had another delivery today and got OH straight on to the camera to take pics lol Bless him.

Ruby White Gold Ring

Well I have the beautiful earrings, got a pendant last time all I needed was the ring. So this popped in my basket for a reasonable 27 quid. I wasnt expecting the same quality as my stunning earrings as you get what you pay for. But I couldnt help being rather disappointed at the colour. Have taken a pic with earring so you can see the difference.

Abalone Silver RIng

If you saw my last post, you will know I didnt have much luck with my abalone ring, so I got this instead and hoped it would be ok. Was really pleased when opened it, looked stunning. Few mins later I noticed a little chip at the edge, not hugely noticable, but I will notice it, not sure what to do now.

Rhodolite Garnet Silver bangle.

I bought this kinda hoping I might not like it, or it might not fit given the price. Oh but it fits and oh my its amazing, so yes I will be keeping it. lol

Ruby Pendant in white gold

Quite cheap, wasnt expect too much, but the colour is much nicer than the ruby in the ring and much better than the camera picked up.

Pearl and multigem pendant

Been wondering about getting this for ages, well finally did. Pretty little thing and much heavier than I thought it would be.

Mystic Quartz Pendant

Got this to go with the earring I had in last haul. Bigger than I thought and quite weighty. Very nice, better colours than the pic shows too.

Tiger's Eye, Pearl and Howlite Necklace

Thought this was a little different and its very nice. Only one gripe, one of the tigers eye right in the middle of the necklace is a lot lighter and different colour to the others.

Red Pearl Neclace

Got this to go with the matching pearl bracelet. Very nice

Labradorite and Lemon Quartz Necklace

I have a very similar version of this with just labradorite. These Labradorite are slightly larger stones and the schiller off the is amazing. Love it lots lol

Well thats all and thats all there is gonna be for a while, gotta get on the wagon Now. So Bargain Hunter I pass the batton back to you. Your turn to spend money again!!!
wow they are fabulous VG love them especially the bangle which I have in Fire Opal they are stunning arent they - wear them in health they all look great xxx xx
VG you are doing a fantastic job!! Keep going :)

Love the bangle and the lab. necklace.

I did pop onto rocks yesterday after a week but there was nothing that made me click the buy button :)
Noooooooooooo Valley, I have rehabilitated BH, so stop trying to tempt her. It was a hard slog stopping her, and curing her of her click, click, click addiction :lol:

Pass the baton on to someone else, BH has done more than her fair share of keeping Rocks afloat!!!

It's not so bad sitting on the wagon, and you'll be surprised when you realise that a lot of the things you buy is only because of the price. Now I'm being more selective and only buying things I really want, not just because it's a bargain.

Lovely selection of goodies, now sit back and enjoy them and count to ten every time you get an attack of the 'clickies' - the auction will be over by then :4:

VG you are doing a fantastic job!! Keep going :)

Love the bangle and the lab. necklace.

I did pop onto rocks yesterday after a week but there was nothing that made me click the buy button :)

I can't keep going I am afraid. Need to save my pennies for other things now.

Well if its not you Bargain Hunter, we need someone else to continue in our vein lol Who's it gonna be???

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