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Jun 24, 2008
No not that club! The Sphene Club. :Happy1:

I asked for your opinions on another thread about a half carat Sphene ring I had in my basket but it's my Anniversary today and guess what hubby bought me?
Yep a Sphene ring! So he does listen to what I talk about after all!

Here it is:-

As you can see it's much bigger than the £39 one I had in my basket so you can see who's the generous one in this house! It's absolutely gorgeous. The fire is fab and you can see oranges, yellows, reds etc. even in normal daylight. I know what you've all been raving about now!

He also bought me a couple of "fillers" :-
This is lovely. The colour of the citrine is really vibrant.

And (hope nobody minds me posting this here) from the "other side":-
Not big but the colour of this stone is fab. A real Caribbean Sea colour.

Hubby say's there's still a parcel to arrive and should have been here so there's even more to come! Can't wait! Now I remember why I married him 26 years ago!

I'm a very happy bunny today
OMG Klos hun you lucky lucky thing you.

They are all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lovely its hard for me to choose a fav.

Hope you had a nice anni and hope you enjoy wearing your new gems.

What did you get you special hubbie??
:D Wow Klosblue they are lovely items.What a great hubby you have! Have a great rest of the day!:D
awww what a fab hubby you've got there Klos. what a sweetheart! that is one STONKING sphene ring lol I bet it's spectacular.

happy anniversary and big catcuddles to you. Sxxx

PS: I'm an honourary member of the club only by virtue of having several loose stones of sphene, but not set into gold - yet! I saw a smashing ring offered yesterday that was full of fire and would have had it like a shot had finances permitted.
Wow! think that is one of the best Sphene rings I've seen, what an excellent choice, congratulations on your anniversary also.:)
Happy Anniversary Klosblue - enjoy wearing them; they're scrumptious :)

(where have all the other smilies gone? I think I saw a thread about them - better go look-see)
What a lovely hubby you have Klos. I can see why he is a keeper! lol He did well choosing these pieces as a surprise; they are fab. You managed to get a corker of a Sphene if you're seeing all the different colours in normal daylight. I love the Apatite too - beautiful colour.

Hope you both have a very happy Anniversary and can't wait to hear what is in the next package.:)
Ooooh lucky you KB, I think I would hopping up and down with that lot. Lovely OH, send him round to me !!!! Happy Anniversary (hope that's not too late.)
Happy Anniversary



to you both on your wedding anniversary, Klos

Secondly, your hubby's selection of gifts is excellent.
The sphene ring looks a belter, its HUGE......and gorgeous, you must be thrilled and rightly so.

Thirdly apologies for posting this rather late in the day.....

S xx
Well, I'm very impressed! Not only with the wonderful array of goodies you received for your anniversary but also hats off to your OH for finding exactly what you'd love for your anniversary. What a star!
flippin eck!!!! what shop did HE come from? He's a good un Klos, and you are a lucky lady, they are lovely. Happy Anniversary Pet xxx
a man who THINKS like a woman re: filling the basket to make use of the P&P, *Darlene walks away shaking her head and thinking some girls have all the luck* lol
Sorry Klos, happy belated anniversary! Has your other parcel arrived?

Your sphene is an absolute stonker, very pretty indeed and I love the citrine too, both would be most welcome at Basket Manor. :)

Good to see you're still getting 'fillers' after 26 years of marriage. :D

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