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Aug 5, 2008
West Midlands
Hi Gemcherub, I've not bought any of the red diamonds from tjc but have seen them on the channel in earrings, colour looked really nice quite a deep red, like the design of the pendant think the ring must be reversible not too sure of the design of the ring though think it's down to personal choice :1:
I believe if you check out there will only be one P&P so if you see both in the flesh I'm sure you'll be able to could always post photo's on as we're always available for second opinions...especially when it's not our money
. I like the red diamond pendant best, but the ring is certainly very unusual. Not much use, am I
Thanks for the replies, but i just couldn't make my mind up last night so decided not to check out the order will look again today if they are still about lol
My only comment Gemcherub, is that the pendant will actually be very small IRL, it's less than 5mm, so may not actually be all the noticeable around your neck.

As Huggles says, the only real way to tell, is to get it home for a look.

Thanks M4G i thought 5mm was ok for a diamond! but i know what you mean about it looking small around the neck wish i could afford an 8mm one lol
I would also mention that red diamonds also look smaller IRL. I don't know for why.

I'd say go for it - nothing ventured, nothing gained and you can always use the MBG. I hate to have "if onlys" in life so why not?

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