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Jun 24, 2008
Idocrase also known as Vesuvianite......Craig was selling a piece of this earlier in the week and also referred to this gemstone as being pretty rare. So I popped one in my basket. It has a nice green colour, though I am aware from comments on another forum that some of you are not wholly keen on green stones set in white gold. However for the princely sum of £22, is it worth a punt?

Does anyone else have Idocrase in their collection and if so can I ask your opinion of it? Also any more info on this stone would be very welcome.

White gold,yellow gold is all a matter of personal taste....I prefer yellow myself,even with tanzanite,though many would say it looks better in a WG setting.
As for idocrase......I do not have this gem myself but have often hovered over the buy button,I think it is a pretty green stone and for £22 it has to be worth a look imo:)
Link works ok for me Sacha and the ring looks good to me. Can't go wrong for that price. I have two pieces, one paler than that and one darker, more olive green. I think its a lovely stone and looks good in white or yellow gold. Good luck with it. :stars:
Just did a google, and if it is the periodot shade, it's lovely
This is a small picture Andamooka so that you can have an idea of the colouring of the gemstone.

Thanks Sweetpea, I 'm generally a YG person as well, but am happy to mix and match and I quite liked the simplicity of the design here.

Thanks also BC for your comments, should've known you would already have this stone in your collection.......I think you're passing the 'Green' bug on to me. :26: :D


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Very pretty ring Sacha. I too prefer yellow gold, especially with green stones as they can look washed out in wg, but for £22 I think this is certainly worth a look.
I'd definitely get it home and have a look at it Sacha. I bought a little pendant quite a while ago, just to see what it was like and although my stone is paler than this ring, the sparkle is terrific - it's very, very nice :) As for white/yellow gold - the colour of the gold will bring out different attributes of various stones, and that's why I think you have to see it irl to see if you like what white gold does for idocrase. Gook luck!
:eek:mg: £22 - you can't go wrong for that price Sacha. I think vivid green gemstones look good in either y/g or w/g/

Sacha for £22 it's definitely worth a look - even for the gold weight! It's quite a brittle stone and at only 6.5 on the MOHS scale it's not a ring for everyday wear (although factor in the £22 and it probably is)!

Originally found on Mount Vesuvius (hence the name) Vesuvianite (Idocrase) is not IMVHO as nice as say Sphene although the fact that it was found on a volcano does make it of interest.

In terms of how it looks, it's more of a flat colour with a vitreous lustre so can have a waxy appearance. The result it that it doesn't really sparkle like Sphene, Peridot or Beryl. It tends to have more olive green tones rather than the acid yellow/greens of Peridot.

That said, you'd struggle to buy it on the High Street and especially at that price.
With thanks......

Very many thanks ladies for all your comments on this piece of Idocrase. It really doesn't have the most attractive name, but it does seem to have to have some geographic & historic interest and my thanks to Meesh for that info.

I was tempted because Craig did make a play about its rarity (rather than high value it would seem) and as you all agree.....definitely worth a look. He also sold me a very pretty pink Kunzite pendant of nearly 3 cts for a very silly price and that will be most definitely coming home as well!

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