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Aug 1, 2008
[Has anyone noticed that idealworld craft shows are now tending to be C D ROM BASED? I used to love all the craft shows and got good idears about my next card project. We need to go back to basics and re-introduce all the other types of crafting there is and get away from these CD's as they cost us a lot in ink and at the end of the day you still have to spend time cutting out. Please lets go back to homemade products that are more special and fun to make.COLOR="Indigo"][/COLOR]
Someone must be buying all these CDs or they wouldnt sell them. I wouldnt use the CD's, I have had a couple of ones in the past that I would use occasionally for a topper, or a victorian type picture that I could distress, but no way would I print all those backing papers off. As you rightly say, expensive in ink, and also looks carp with normal paper, so you have to buy expensive glossy printer paper or decoupage paper.

I agree, more projects and less CD's please.
Is it because SW does mainly CD's re craft studio?

Not sure, a lot of them are from the crafters companion lot.

Maybe its because a CD is cheap to produce and yeils high profits for the makers and Creat and craft. But even so, they must sell or they wouldnt bother.
hate CDs and turn off if its a show with them on.

I used to lovely Sunday afternoon shows of stamping, flowersoft or other techniques but now it always seems to be Cds so have given up even bothering to check!
I'd rather she sold these than the adult lingerie she did for a while....

Whatever happened to that ? Were the viewers not enticed ?

Nope, they were too busy laughing :D

My wife is the crafter in my house. She hates the CD Roms too, and switches off. Not everyone has a pc.
I agree with you all - don't like CD's - they always seem to have background papers that are so busy - yuk! also no die cuts and thesedays I never bother with anything that isn't die cut - so much easier.:(
I have one craft CD which I've not really used yet but it must be costly on ink if you do a lot of colour printing or am I mistaken. Can't stand all those hideous background papers either, how do people not go cross eyed working with them?
I think those cd's are a rip off, if I want a backing sheet I download a pic or gif I like and then just tile it in my cameras graphics program, takes a couple of minutes and costs nothing, plus I get exactly what I want and not someone elses idea of a great looking backing sheet.
Craft CD's are a license to print money not great cards, I have a few I must admit, I have some Joanna Sheen and Sharon Duncan and I do think they have a place, but the market is now flooded with hastliy knocked up CD's - IW can devote whole shows to craft CD-ROM's - and the My Craft Studio's are always a feature.

You are right though it's time for proper crafting - even though Glenda does CD's for Graphicus her craft skills are amazing, as are the Stamp Addicts shows, we need new ones!
Yes, ROC, and Glenda's CDs are her own original artwork unlike so many which clearly just raid the internet or whatever for images.
I have found many of the images from CD's in royalty free illustration books and sites. Also quite a lot of stamps are made using these images and the companies are rarely angel companies that sell them, yet others using their original artwork do allow hand stamped images to be sold in cards etc. I feel that CD's are a rip off in some instances.
I have a few CD's they have their place
but I get really brassed off with all the samey samey stuff.

There are very talented people about doing real CRAFT why do we not get to see something different and challenging.

Yes, we know all the paper/card/decoupage brings them big money otherwise they wouldn't ram it all down our throats!

And these days there is as much on I/W as C&C, I due to past issues no longer order but USED to get ideas and inspiration from what was being shown. So now I pick and choose, record and fast forward being the usual way :)

And then inane chatter gets up my nose, if they must show us how to cut out and assemble decoupage or stick a ready made wotsit on a ready made and already pre decorated before you get it card then, bliddy well let 'em do it and keep quiet

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