Ideal world value for money?


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Jul 29, 2008
Plant earth....I think!
Who thinks IW offers value for money.?

It seems that many of their products are over priced such as their big TV thats £100 cheaper else where. Thats just one example.

Or is it just my imagination....:54::54:
To be fair, I think the majority of stuff on shopping channels could be bought cheaper if you looked online, esp when you take into account the ridiculous p & p charges. Having said that, I enjoy the demonstrations, as you can see what the item looks like and in the case of appliances such as a vacuum cleaner what it is capable of. Wish they would show you what they wouldn't be any good for. And in the case of a vacuum cleaner, how easy it is to change a belt. Mind you, that would likely put folk off buying. Today's cleaners are so awkward to do that.
I know some people on here hate the word but sometimes their craft stuff is incredibly good value for money (especially during free P&P events). I also like seeing the demos of some items that I would never have considered buying if I'd just seen then on a shelf in a shop. My Brother sewing machine is one of them and the steam generator iron is another. Love them both - wouldn't have bought either without seeing the demos and couldn't find either for cheaper anywhere else online.

A couple of things I have found cheaper online are the Tefal Actifry and a steam press. Haven't got the Actifry yet (and yes I have seen the watchdog posts) but I have got the steam press and really love it. Cost me about half of what they sell them for on IW or QVC and it's brilliant. Wouldn't have bought one without seeing the demos.


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