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Jan 6, 2009
Hi All

I sent something back and couldnt read the postcode properly on the returns label sent with the item. Now the item has got lost and when I do a s earch on the postcode I used its on the same street as their offices but it doesnt look like the right end of the street.

Anyone have a returns label with the actual postcode. I would be most grateful.
Returns address

Ideal Shopping Direct
Unit 1&2 St.David's Square

Hope this helps.
Thanks so much Chicken-licken.

My parcel seems to have gone astray. I couldnt read the postcode for the recorded delivery and nowadays you dont have to fill out a slip at my local post office. You just tell them the postcode.

I told them it was PE1 5YJ instead of 5YG. It is even more confusing now as I asked someone on another website who replied at the same time as chicken-licken. They had this address:

Ideal Shopping Direct, Unit17 Edgerley Park, Challenger Way, Peterborough. PE1 5YG

It's the same postcode but a totally different address. I am so confused. To be honest, the adress thar chicken-licken gave seemed most fmiliar but I cant be sure.

I am so angry with myself because I sent back the Pocket Surfer and only sent it recorded delivery. It's now lost and I will have to pay the next 2 installments for a product that was absolutely useless.
I've been confused with IW returns addresses lately - they aren't always the same. I don't know if it depends on what the item is or not. In the old days the returns always went to Newark Road.

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