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<img src="/images/howard_lorraine.jpg" border="0" hspace="4" vspace="2" align="right" />Award-winning shopping channel, Ideal World, this week showed Sir Alan’s apprentices that presenting well on Shopping Telly is one talented job.<br /><br />With six candidates remaining, Sir Alan tasked the teams with selling unique products on air. Juggling ear-piece instructions from backstage, connecting with the camera, interacting with co-presenters and, most importantly, making sure that their selling technique was effective, candidates got a real insight into what goes into being an Ideal World presenter.<br /><br />Shaun Ryan, one of the first presenters on Ideal World and a firm viewer favourite since 2000 said: “The candidates’ efforts were really commendable this week - particularly Kate rocking out to the Tomy Guitar Rock Star.<br /><br />“I love my job and enjoy every second of being on air - but that’s a result of years of practice and realising that the best way to survive as a TV presenter is to just be yourself! That’s something that Ideal World really encourages and why we get such positive feedback from our loyal viewer fan base.”<br /><br />Products demonstrated by the candidates included an Infra-Red Remote Control Car, Stylee (3 pack), Poloponcho, Grab-o-Saurus, Waterpick Toothbrush, Heart Lace Medallion Starter Kit, Tefal Actifry, Window Magic, Metallic Leather Leaf Jacket, Ped Egg and Pinflair Cat & Dog Kit.<br /><br />

Award winning? was it an award for the worst CS or most repetitive programming? i wonder lol
They said at the start of the apprentice that IW was the uk second biggest shopping channel I was quite surprised at this because of the lack of items they offer compared to the bid up channels
I suppose it depends on how you define the word "big".

2nd Biggest lack of Customer Service?

2nd Biggest black hole in the refund dept?

2nd Biggest violation of data protection in the known universe?

2nd Biggest bunch of telesales liars the world over?

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