Ideal World Outlet Store, Peterborough


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Jun 25, 2008
Does anyone have the address for this?

My sister rang IW today, because the website bit for the address is down and she was told there wasn't one (but she can't remember if the said 'anymore' or not).

All help gratefully received....:1:
Thanks Mommabear...she'll be off there looking for some bargains tomorrow much to her husband's disappointment!!!
Did it??? I haven't been to Peterborough since December but am going tomorrow so you've just saved me a walk down to the shop, thanks :D
Not that it ever had much craft stuff in it anyway :rolleyes:
Hi Guys

Just logged back in and found the warning...but no worries, she didn't go. She phoned them to check if open, only to be told they had closed.

Her friend told her, though, that there is a small outlet at the studio??? Anyone else heard about this????

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