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Jun 24, 2008
I hadn't ordered from Ideal World for over three years but i did after i saw the Daz Music offer that took OVER 9 MINS TO PUT THE ORDER IN then i couldn't access my account via the web 6 CALLS IT TOOK before someone
sorted it,NEVER AGAIN.:mad::mad:
I've yet to recieve my phone bill from the last IW ordering fiasco. I dread to to think how much they contributed to it. True to my word it was the last order I gave them and I will not order again unless there's a big change. Moving the call centre here would be a good start.
Moving the call centre here would be a good start.
I thought the call centre had already moved back here.. Late last year sometime... I spoke to them a couple of weeks ago and she was English..
Still not a lot of good though.!!
I had a problem getting my account number so couldn't order. When I finally did I wished I hadn't.

Sizes quoted on their website were completely different to the sizes quoted on the packaging of the Emelia underwear I ordered. (and one of the items in the xl box was actually xxl). So ordering a size 16 I ended up with size 24-26.

Tried to ask customer service which sizes were correct and how could I get an exchange without paying for returns as not my fault. After almost 2 weeks I got an email to say 'return your items to this address'. They did not address my questions at all and to be honest I cant be bothered anymore so am keeping the underwear to save the cost of more extortionate calls to India.

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