Ideal World celebrates its 9th Birthday


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<img src="/images/idealchannels.png" border="0" alt="Ideal World" title="Ideal World" hspace="4" align="right" />Ideal World is celebrating its ninth birthday over the weekend of 17-19 April 2009, and its customer-led celebrations will be very much based around the ‘Nine’ theme.<br /><br />Viewers tuning into the UK’s friendliest TV shopping channel on Sky, Freeview, Virgin or Freesat, could be one of nine lucky winners who will each win £1,000 worth of ‘must have’ products, including:<br /><br />● Diamantaire Circle of Life Pendant, Bracelet and Earrings, worth £81.97<br />● Craft - range of different materials, worth £600<br />● Polti 2400 Steam Cleaner, worth £59.99<br />● Bissell Powerwash, worth £249.99<br />● Garden Plant grow your own potatoes with Orchard collection, worth £99.99<br />● Karcher Jubilee K365m, worth £199<br />● Amos 2 x Twin Shockit & 2 x Drain Cleaner Pack, worth £34.98<br />● Cuisinart Coffee Machine, worth £99.99<br />● Pocket Surfer Lite with Immortality Pack, worth £179.99<br /><br />It’s Ideal World’s way of saying “Thank You” to its viewers for their loyal support and custom over the years.<br /><br />There will be three draws per day over the three day period. The first of the three daily draws will happen on Friday, 17 April at 6pm and will run through to Saturday, 18 April at 6pm with the winners announced at 9pm on Saturday. The other pods of three draws will take place between Saturday 6pm to Sunday 6pm, with winners announced Sunday at 9pm, and from Sunday 6pm to Monday 6pm, with winners announced Monday at 9pm.<br /><br />Ideal World presenters and special guests will be in full Birthday celebratory spirit all weekend, to ensure viewers have as much fun as possible, while they get their chance to win a great package of nine prizes, worth a total of £9,000.
If you've been watching IW for any length of time you're going to have already been brainwashed into buying a Karcher or a Bissell.

I fear for this channel, either they have no idea or they have no buying power or have entered into an unholy alliance with 'The Truely Boring and Crap Products' marketing board.
and they're celebrating by selling the same stuff they do every day.....what a yawn :31:

Yes but maybe this time they will all be wearing little paper hats and have streamers around their necks. Complete with fake smile with equally fake "bonhomie" and childish shrieks of phony laughter!
Just like they have on every craft 4 day-flog-it-to-death weekend!:9:

Ooooo! Can ya feel the excitement building already Mrs J! :9: :9:
:14:Think it won't be long before this channel goes bust!! Same old boring things on all the time.

With the same boring presenters ! IW needs a good shake up from top to bottom. Shame as it used to be so good.
Do you have to spend over a £100 or summat to enter the 'draw'? :33:

I'm staying well away, with my luck I'd probably draw the Pocket Surfer Lite with Immortality Pack :20:

I'm staying away too, as I would be devistated if I didn't win the craft bungle.:ANYWORD:wink

Come on guys - you can't knock a station that offers a great prize of £100 worth of potatoes..... can you? :33:
just had a thought :45:
this must mean i have kaftans dating back 9 wonder i can't shut the wardrobe. :52:

It's not the kaftans Mrs J, it's that bloke you've got shackled in there. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" border="0"><img border="0" src=""></a>


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