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Mad Granny Sue

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Jul 24, 2008
By the A34 Newcastle UL
Just saw Andy pro mo'ing their now 3 channels so we can catch up with what we've missed! Are they having a laugh? 3 channels all selling the same cr$p, now come on guys, that ain't going to help your situation.

For those of you who are interested: Channels 644, 651 and 668. Don't forget, for a super fast craft fix there's always Create and Craft on 571

What the hell is going on????:33:
Given the costs of launching channels they must think it will work - or its the last gasp of a desparate comapny!

Either way it won't make me watch - cause I don't have sky and the existing channel is bad enough. Flicked onto it briefly tonight and it was fashion - absolutely awful glitter on slinky stuff amongst others. Quick moved on!

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