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Dec 10, 2012
Multi-channel home shopping retailer, Ideal Shopping Direct, have partnered with ITV to broadcast live shopping hours from Create and Craft and Ideal World, on ITV1 from August 1st 2019.

Integrated producer broadcaster ITV’s vision is to be, ‘more than TV’, building upon ITV’s unique and winning combination of creativity and commercial strength, driven by investment in data and technology. This partnership will allow Ideal Shopping Direct the opportunity to broaden the reach of its two flagship brands, to a new audience.

Jamie Martin, CEO, Ideal Shopping Direct, commented: “ITV 1 is the premiere and market leading entertainment channel in the UK and I am delighted that Ideal World and Create and Craft will be broadcast on the number 1 TV channel in the UK. Ideal World and Create and Craft will be the first TV shopping channel in the UK to broadcast in true High Definition as specified by Sky and the multi-million pound investment in HD equipment is all part of Ideal Shopping Direct’s multi-channel retail strategy as the company navigates the digital waters of media proliferation.”

Ideal Shopping Direct will be simulcasting broadcasts to ITV between Midnight and 3am every Thursday from 8th August 2019.
It's true ! Channel hopping late tonight I thought I had walked into a nightmare when I flicked to ITV 1 when suddenly there were Shreque's grotesque features screeching at me from the screen.
At first I thought I must have gone to Freeview 22 by mistake , but no-Ideal World was transmitting VT on ITV.
Within seconds Vol au vent was there with his autopilot mobile phone presentation .

The whole experience has upset my body clock and I feel I need counselling.
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Oh god....shreque really will think he has hit the big time if his mug has started appearing on a mainstream channel!!!
Great to hear such support and positivity for this recent development for Ideal World!

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