Ice London Crystal Gifts


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Not just pens Mrs James, there's a paperweight too, for £42.99 with a free keyring worth £19.99 or you can have some Travel Scented Candle Sets for £69.99. You can't say you're not spoilt for choice!:33:
What a complete load of old tat for the price, I must admit the pens did grow on me over the hour but I would never pay £49 for a pen for goodness sake.
The rest of the wares were terrible also, a silver PLATED ruler, 2 silver plated pens for £44, a massive Crystal paperweight, a massive dice and never forgetting the pens multipack, buy 2 for £89!!!!

Sadly the sound had gone on me telly which it often does, but I would have liked to hear Dave try and sell this shi*e, he's one hell of a salesman but really!!!

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