I need more French Vanilla sets on QVC


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Why don't QVC sell more French Vanilla items?

I need French Vanilla.

I always buy candles fom other companies, as QVC is not the best price, PP is expensive and slow
For a large order, I order from Yankeedoodle
If I only want 1 or 2 candles, i go to www.giftedonlineshop.co.uk, they do free PP from £10 and ship the goods very fast
wow thanks for that Tia, just added it to my favourites.

My mum would love to buy me some French Vanilla stuff as pressies, she is always saying so but has bought me the 2 items they have on, the Teapot one and the one with Cinnamon stick also.
Thanks from me as well Tia, I did have them under my favourites, but hadn't used them yet. And since I only wanted one candle, I've just placed an order :yay:.

It's Jasmine Green tea, as apparently they are going to be discontinued :22:.
Thanks Tia I will certainly have a look here next time I need (want) something. I only placed a large order over £60 on Yankeedoodle on Friday so have to wait a few weeks (days) till I will buy some more. It looks a good place if you only want one or two.

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