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Jun 24, 2008
Why do I ever flick on to this channel even for a brief second??? :thinking2:

I just listened to that incredibly stupid woman Stacey talk the biggest load of garbage about Tanzanite!! :angry:

Rabbiting on at her usual lightning speed she first of all made a total fool out of herself and the channel by criticising another channel saying that she heard a male presenter saying the Tanzanite was so clear he could see his finger through it. She went on to say "well who wants Tanzanite you can see your finger through?" Then to my utter astonishment she says "Maybe it was badly cut"!!!!!!!!! Well you should know considering every second piece you show has a window befitting a top of the range conservatory!!!! Talk about pot and kettle! :taphead:

She then did the usual and went on about how they bought their Tanzanite about 4 years ago at a better price so they can sell it cheaper and how Tony doesn't like the Tanzanite which is about just now etc etc etc..... She then said "let's clear it up, we're not Sightholders", almost dug herself into a massive hole by saying "it's not that we don't want to be" then trying to get out of that remark said "They ask us to be Sightholders every year but if you're a Sightholder you have to buy $4,000,000 worth a year and although you can get the best you have to take the rubbish too and we don't want rubbish we only sell the best here at Rocks"!!

I think they should sign up to be a Sightholder straight away - the "rubbish" they have to take will go perfectly with the absolutely rubbish presenters (except John) and the complete rubbish they all talk!!

Oh and they've been asking them to be Sightholders for 4 years when they've only been around for about 1 year? Strange! :33:

Where's my pills?????? :headbang:
I'm glad I'm not the only one who is irritated by Stacey, I'm afraid I just can't watch her. She puts on this cutesey face and voice and then comes out with the hardest sell of the lot of them. I've hardly watched any of the channels since coming back from my holiday and I think I prefer it this way!

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