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Aug 5, 2009
Artemis, Greece
My I.M. jacket arrived today and it's gorgeous ~143578

I got the black one. It's really pretty, not in the least garish or overstated and I love it. It will go with so many things and replaces a similar much-loved one I've had for years.
Just had to share my pleasure as I don't really have anyone to share things like that, here. My husband's of the " you'd look gorgeous in a bin-bag" persuasion, which is very sweet but not always helpful and my friends all live in the city, miles away.
Yay ! * does a twirl *:up2::flower:
Congrats on a successful purchase - there is nothing sweeter than buying something you know you will get plenty of use from.
Good for you Artemis :hi:, bet you look great ! :flower:, OH can be so annoying sometimes :cheeky::thinking2:, hope he takes you somewhere really nice to show it off !...
Just had a look at the piccy, it looks really nice and "classy".
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Artemis, your jacket looks lovely and I think it is just perfect for cooler Greek evenings.
It's blowing a perishing gale here at the minute, so its hard to visualise wearing it here, right now, hoping for some more warm days yet, though!!
I am a big fan of IM : I like the brighter designs as well.... they cheer me up and are great for being "stand out" clothes and I love all the compliments I get wearing them.
Glad to hear you are enjoying them, too. Happy wearing!!
What a beautiful jacket! I quite fancy the cream one myself...no, no, MUSTN'T!

You'll look delicious, Artemis. Enjoy yourself! (And hopefully your H won't even notice it's new, so you won't have any tricky questions to answer...)
Good to hear your IM jacket has arrived safely. It's a great feeling when the item arrives, you try it on & love it:clapping:
Hope you get many compiments when you wear it.:flower:
Just popped back to thank you all for sharing my delight. I've had some lovely IM jackets and always feel good wearing them. I'm going to christen it in the U.K. in October when we pop over to see the "kids".
Off to a BBQ shortly, catch y'all later xxx

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