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Nov 13, 2008

I keep getting this error message when trying to checkout -


Saying (in case you can't see it) that "unable to add free product KZ522:insufficient stock to allocate, back Orders are not allowed"

Now that's all well and good if i'd ordered some sort of free gift, but I haven't - there is only my chain in my basket. So anyways, I clicks 'ok' to this and back I go thru checkout again....except the same message comes up...again:doh:

Edited to say that my chain is NOT that product number given in error message...


What's going on here????! Any ideas ????
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May be the chain is out of stock? Ask CS in help live tvshopper when they go on air. I am sure they will be able to help. Good luck and hope you receive your chain.
Hi TV Shopper. Sorry about this happening. I believe I know the cause of this issue and have now rectified that issue. Would you mind trying to purchase the chain again?

I am sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this has caused.
ALL other shopping channels take note!

THIS is how customer service is done properly!!

Well done and thanks to rocks.tv and Katherine.
OOOOOOH! My 9ct 20in white gold chain just arrived! How very, very pretty! Well made, lovely and smooth and a good weight at a mere £36. :star:

Canny that they've added larger rings at 18 inches and 16 inches so that the length can be adjusted.

And a whopping tome entitled 'The Lure of Coloured Rocks and Gemstone Jewellery' by Steve was included with some cards to hand out to friends for a free pendant with first purchase.

One VERY happy TVShopper!:clapping:
It looks lovely tvshopper and I'm so glad you have finally got a chain that is perfect.

I can only echo what friutyloops has already said,Rockstv CS is fantastic and the yardstick by which all others should be measured.:)
Hi! glad you had a happy ending with your purchase,I think your chain looks lovely and thanks for telling us that its smooth and good quality. I've been hesitating myself but will order one and get it home.
By the way, do you or anyone else know where i can buy extender chains? They must be in real gold or silver and good quality? TIA
Holly x

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