HP Photosmart TSV


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Bunny Mummy of Two
Aug 22, 2008
Is it just me? This is seriously underwhelming. We bought an all-in-one like this (made by Lexmark) off the shelf in PC World about 2 months ago and it was £97: their TSV is £143 plus £8 p+p. Ours has the all the same features and includes a fax as well.

Do QVC think people are thick?

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Strange as it is, I've been looking at all-in-one's today and have to say that the Lexmarks don't exactly look stylish in comparison to the HP! Personal opinion of course. Think the HP's are better in doing photos though and I can go without fax.

BTW, the outgoing model HP C6280 is at £99 at PC World's website.
i am disappointed as i am looking for an allin one that also scans negs and slides - anyone know of one?????

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