Hows this for a conundrum of a clearance price


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Mar 3, 2009
In the middle of nowhere!!
I have been on gemstv website today, as i have had 4 emails in the last two days from them, informing me of the various goings on - and how i can get discount today if i shop on line. So i thought, nothing else to do, i will go on and have a scout about!

And what do i spy in the clearance department - a ring that I bought at the back end of July 2009 - it is a 2.837ct Maricota Amblygonite and diamond set in 9ct white gold ring - I purchased this for £45.00 in July - the clearance price today, 09 October 2009 is........ wait for it £68.41!!!!!! £68.41!!! I cant get over it!! It has increased in price. Oh well this ring was hexed from the moment i ordered it via the web - no wonder a stone fell out! lol

I thought the object of a clearance, was that the prices went down, as in bargain town, obviously i am quite wrong! lol xxxxxx
I believe other on here commented that in the sale items were more expensive than before in games.

I had a nose in clearance and left quickly, things much better in web games.

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