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Aug 3, 2008
Howard is, pure class, just been watching him yesterday and tonight and he is one of a kind, true entertainment :)
Between him and Bradford, something worth watching on IW.
"Pure Class"? Howard? WHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAT? Sorry,but I'm hard pressed to think of a worse presenter on TV.Howard is a product demonstrater ,the kind that are 10 a penny at the Ideal Home Exibition.He's cheesy,and not believable.Based on those two factors alone ,he sort of fits in to Ideal World becasue the whole channel is that way as far as I'm concerned,but I wouldn't use the words "class" and Howard in the same sentence. Not a match in my book.
Oh ..and Dave Bradford? Well , theres something "of the night" night about him.Kind of ghoulish.
Not sure if you were being sarcastic in your comments or genuine. Ironic maybe?

According to Andy :heart: Dave enjoys nothing more than bashing away on his organ wearing nothing but a dickie bow!

He's gone up in my expectations :5:
I like Howard..... Howie...... How...... He makes me laugh. There's something appealing about him too. I can imagine us in a bloon together flying high, having giggly moments
Loen was saying the other day that up to now Dave has lived with her, Lynne and now Stephanie!

Her and Lynne also said he never wears undies....hmmm how do they know?

Remember that scandal ages ago when we found out about Loen and Daves secret marriage and she was her putting it about because he was firing blanks?...I bet the real reason they split up was because he wanted to get inside Lynnes winnebago :wink2:

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