How much did Anthony Heywood really pay for his Garden Shredder?


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Jun 25, 2008
I've forgotten the exact figures but on Richard Jacksons Garden Anthony chipped in he'd paid £130 for his then quickly upped it to something like £350 when realised the one they were flogging was about £150.

Fair do's to QVC they never claimed they were selling the cheapest shredder you can get but Anthony really.....

He must have a big garden

Lol that's funny and slapped wrist for him no doubt. I haven't watched him for a long time but always thought he mentioned living in a flat and somehow didn't have him down for the gardening type.
There is a photo of his garden on his blog on the QVC website, it was flooded after the snow had melted.
surely it's cheaper to pay the council's shredder man to come and do it all - you still get to keep the chippings for mulch, but it costs peanuts compared to the outlay of a shredder and the risk you take of losing a finger a year to it! :11:
Dear Anthony :)

He was presenting some ceramic dishes earlier today and as the pie was cut open said you can't beat a homemade pie, much better than ones you buy. Quickly corrected himself (earpiece must have been busy) with an apart from Limetree of course.
I was watching Anthony yesterday during a cooking hour and thought how good his style of presenting is, not pushie just talking in a slower way - Alison Young should take note. So refreshing not having the presented waffling on at ninty miles an hour and after 15 minutes you still haven't gained much useful information.

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