how much are the l'occitane shea body creams


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Jul 9, 2008
i was in shock today as i thought that alexis and alison young should have known better.

they were saying that the body creams would total £45 in the l'occitane stores and that qvc were doing a good deal selling them for around 27.00 plus the p&p costs.
but when i looked at the website it said they were £12.50 each and to be honest you can pick what you want and not buy fragrances just cos they are bundled together.

they mentioned this many times and this must have caused a frenzy as they sold them mighty quick.
i think that was very dishonest and alexis must know what this product cost.
not impressed with this type of selling quite misleading.:cash::cash::cash:
Yep that is exactly what happened. Shocking they clearly are allowed to do that! Its happening. Well alexis also says you cant buy the supersizes in store but you can in the sale,she gets away with that everytime.
I saw that too and thought it was a bit dishonest of her, agree about the supersizes too they were even giving the Vanilla Supersize shower gel away free in the shops last Xmas if you spent a certain amount.

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