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Sep 6, 2009
Hi all,

I have just seen a Ruby sold £199 for a 6.27ct Ruby with 0.35ct Diamonds and a 1.86 gm 9ct Gold. I have earrings with heavier gold weight!
The next item a sapphire ring has a gold weight of 1.66 grams
Next item beat the one above 1.20 gms
Next Pendant with 0.92gms Sold for £109 !!!
Question is” how low can they go” before its technically gold wire!

The prices they try to charge you'd expect at least 3 times the gold weight. I'm surprised some of their rings don't bend under the weight of the stones, they are so pathetically flimsy!!

I have my own personal preference for gold weights - anything below 3g in a ring and I can be fairly sure that it's going to get bent!

At least they give the gold weights though - QVC don't (well hardly at all) and I've sent quite a few things back as a result.
I quite like some of the designs at R&C, and like a more delicate look, as opposed to quite a few of the items at TJC which look a bit like knuckle dusters! Surely there is a middle way, a more delicate look in gold(I don't mind chunky in silver), but sturdy enough to not to buckle?
Gold weight was never a primary factor for me in buying/not buying a piece because I would buy for the stones. For example, with GemsTV, I bought (back in the day) some wonderful gemstones knowing I would have to re-set them at some point. They were more than 3g on the whole though so I had the option to wear in the interim. HOWEVER, the gold weights at Rocks&Co are attrocious and anything under 3g just isn't durable (especially for the prices charged). Couple that with poorly cut gemstones and this is a good reason why you would buy elsewhere.
R&C Rock bottom!

I gave R&C three goes as they do have some nice designs. Won't ever be tempted again due to quality, especially gold weights, all pieces returned. One significant purchase was under 2.5 grams, similar amount spent with TJC would be at least 6 grams and superior stones
I'm sure I saw 2 rings in the colour change show yesterday which were 1.2 gms and 1.49 gms of gold :yikes:

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