How long does it take them to reply to emails?


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Jun 29, 2008
I emailed Tony this morning asking him if it is possible to change my email addie but keep my user name and password.

When I first logged onto Rocks I had alot of difficulty getting a confirmation email from them so I tried my hotmail one instead but I have never used that account, I use my merseymail account. The merseymail account is closing down so I want to keep my username and password thats with the merseymail account and have it under the hotmail one.

Currently the hotmail account with them has a different username and I don't want that one.

I have had no response so far, I sent the email at 8.45am today.
I do apologise Yazrose, he did send it on to me but I have only just had a chance to look at this. I have swapped this over for you now.

Apologies again for this.
Thank you Katherine.

I have to change all my email stuff for purchases over to hotmail now with merseymail closing down and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to swop it, so thanks for sorting it out for me.


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