How Long does an item remain on Cheque Hold?


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Think its about 10 days but you can ring up CS and ask for longer if you are definately wanting to buy it.

Hello and welcome to the forum Carolinda :hi:
10 days then you can extend for a further 10 days but you need to pay on the 20 days and not cancel as QVC are counting on your order as they have held it for.
Thanks for your help. I have had a bit of a spend-up lately, and want to spread the cost onto my next cc statement as I am cheque holding a jewellery item on Last Clicks that I couldn't resist and I like to pay off statements if possible to save paying interest.

Will they be ok with me holding a Last Clicks item for 20 days as I do return some items -although nowhere near 50% of purchases.
This will sound really picky but it's actually cheque payment so if you decide not to buy in the end then tell them. Some customers use it as an option to buy and just let the time run out but that's not really the idea. QVC seem to be ok if you phone and cancel but if you repeatedly let the order lapse then they can get a bit miffed.
I noticed checking my account status on-line (from their homepage) I can alter the payment method, which I will do. It just buys a bit more time.

I must admit to being naughty in the past when there has been a fashion item flying out before the presenter actually gets round to giving the measurements, (Kathy Taylor was bad for that, sometimes never giving measurement out) and I have put the two nearest sizes on cheque hold to beat the sold out sign and then just bought one. I found it was better to do that than buy just one on Q-cut and then have to tel. customer services and cancel it because it was too big or too small, by which time the appropriate size had sold out. I used to ask customer services, to please get the presenter to give size out first, especially in an outlet show - instead of waffling about when and where you could wear the garment and what it would go with!!

I only had the old desktop pc then which wasn't in the same room as the tv and we were not on broadband at that time. I have a little notebook pc I can use on my lap, but I still find it extremely annoying when presenters don't give out measurements.
I think they are ok if you cancel but someone on here had let several orders lapse without paying and QVC were a bit unhappy about it. I wouldn't really describe what you did as "a bit naughty", if you cancel they end up with a new item they can sell at full price rather than a return that (in theory) goes to the outlet shop.
I ordered two items on cheque hold on the 1st of October which I was definetly going to buy when I got paid on the 8th, changed the payment method to my card and it was accepted and thought nothing more of it.
I went into my account to look at something I had bought previously and discovered my two orders had been cancelled, I phoned up customer services and was told it looks like your card didn't go through and the items are sold out now.

I've never had this problem before and always buy my cheque hold items, I'd tad cheesed off to say the least as one of the itiems was a pendant for my daughter's christmas and I have already bought earrings to match.

Rant over!
Yes we had a new member here was banned from QVC buying for putting so many items on cheque hold and just letting them drop off without cancelling.

If know you want the item then phone up before the 10 days and say you forgot to post the cheque. Then CS will put in on longer hold, but it won't be up to 20 days I do know. They will give you an extra 5 at most.

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