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Jun 26, 2008
I have two rings that I bought (from errrm "another" place :54:) and never wear. I like the designs but the central stone in both cases is p*** poor. They should've gone back as soon as they arrived but too late now! :eek:

Anyway, there are 2 loose stones on Coloured Rocks that I like the look of and are exactly the right sizes. Would it be an easy job for a jeweller to remove the "duds" and replace them with the ones from CR and would it cost much?

Any advice before I decide to buy would be very much appreciated.
Are they prong set? If so, it should be very easy and not cost much at all. (I think someone on this forum mentioned being charged £15 by a jeweller for stone setting.) It would, however, be trickier if they are bezel set.
Thanks Miss Magpie ... yes both are prong set (should've mentioned that :eek:) I was thinking about maybe sending them to Regency and having them resized at the same time ... they did a really good job with 2 rings from Rocks ... down from a P to an I.
Fluff not the best person to answer but it should not be too hard to change the gemstone. I personally would get it done by a jeweller's or Regency. HTH
Fluff - while it's easy for a jeweller to do, are you sure the stones will fit? I didn't think that Rocks were selling calibrated gemstones????? The length and width are important but so is the depth and you need to check out the measurements very carefully. A tolerance of about 1mm in either direction is about all you should go otherwise you run the risk of seeing the head setting to the side/top/bottom. Prong set is much easier to adjust but if the stone is deep you may need to have the prongs altered. Bezel setting is also easy to do but takes more time AND there's much less tolerance in size so you really need to make sure it's an exact fit.

To fit a gemstone properly (check the prongs, re-rhodium if necessary) should be around the £20-£25 point. For bezel setting about double that.
Thanks Meesh. The loose stones from Rocks are: 6x4mm and 5mm round .... the same size as the central stones in my rings.

And if I may ask you another (unrelated) question ... can Colour Change Andesine fade? The stone in my ring that I wear a lot is now much lighter than the one in my pendant and I could swear they were a perfect match when I bought them. MTIA
It shouldn't. Are you putting it in an ultrasonic or steaming? That could be one cause if it has been treated and the treatment is unstable.

Alternatively, the treatment could just be unstable. It's not a gemstone that's typically known to fade (like Kunzite for example).

There was a huge "hoo haa" in the US because it's been discovered that jewellery channels were selling normal Andesine as untreated. However, they've now found that they are indeed treated - something along the lines of BE diffusion. As it took a while to discover the treatment it might be that this newer process isn't as stable as the old BE diffusion. Honestly, I don't know. I also wouldn't like to speculate on whether this would apply to Rocks products either.

Sorry that hasn't been of help but it's not something I've encountered before.
Thanks again Meesh.

No, I've never used an ultasonic cleaner just warm water and liquid soap. Wish I'd taken a few photos when I got them and then I'd have a better idea .... or maybe not! You've seen my pics! :D

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