How 2 set jewellery box locks


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Aug 5, 2008
1. Open the box as normal.

2 then remove the red tab from the left hand lock, push the lock to the LEFT hold to the LEFT whilst setting numbers u want as youre left hand number. When all 3 numbers are set release the lock opener.

3. Then remove the right red tab and push the lock button 2 the RIGHT remembering to keep 2 the RIGHT whilst setting the numbers, when the 3rd number is set u can then release the button.

4. Now all u have to do is remember the combination number you have set.

Hope this helps.
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I have a box coming today and was wondering if they came with instructions on how to set the combo as i seen someone in the chat yesterday saying that they had locked their jewels in and could'nt unlock it !
so thanks daz i will follow your instuctions to the letter when the delivery man comes with mine xx
Daz, i wonder if you can tell me what to do if I have already removed the red tags and haved never set a combo before? I have always left it set to 000 but it would be handy to know if I take it away with me at all.... thanks love

N x
hi nikki it shouldnt make any difference the code should still be set too all the 000,s until u reset like i have explained.
Hi Daz,
many thanks for posting this really useful information. I have printed it off to keep somewhere safe as my jewellery box didnt come with any instructions and ive never dared set the locks!
many thanks Daz, love hollywood x :clapping:

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