Hope you all enjoy your day


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Aug 1, 2008
I realy hope you all have a great day at rocks and enjoy showing your purchases to one another. I am gutted i have to work as i would of loved to of met all i have chatted to since the launch of rocks.Please post loads of pictures of your day out and get some pics of whats in the vault. Do all take care on your travels and hear from you all soon xxxx
Same from me! I would have loved to have gone down there for the open day too but family stuff has got in the way.

I hope you all have a brilliant time and I look forward to seeing some of you on air tomorrow!

Also looking forward to hearing all your tales when you get back! Have fun! xx
Yeah, from me too!! Darn me having to live so darned far away, and darn the ruddy trains costing too much, and darn my dog gone lappy going down over christmas when I would have gotten it all sorted with Perds to try and get down there!!

Hope you alll have a bloomin BRILL day, and should you feel the need to smuggle me out some blue diamonds, that will be fine too!!! hee hee!!!!!!
I'm wildly jealous of all you lucky folk who are off to Rocks today and I know you'll have a ball- plenty of pics and stories please! It'll be great to put names and faces together, meet the hosts and to see all that lovely bling.

I'm off to Glasgow later in the month and two trips away would just be more than the purse could bear!
Have a brilliant, blingstastic day - so wish I could be there and meet you all. Hope you're not too distracted by all the wares and manage to take pics for those of us left at home :17: Have a safe journey and loads of fun xx
Ditto here, hope you all have a great time, will be watching today to see what's going on! I wish I didn't live so far away, I would love to meet you all! I will just have to make up for my disappointment by buying something nice - push some wrong buttons if you get a chance!
Hello Rocksters, wishing you all a fab day, am sad I couldn't make it, due to the little matter of being in another country :lol1:.

Have loads of fun and come back safely and blinging!

Mad, I hope you've remembered to give Barry a big, sloppy :kiss: from me :D.
Been watching you and you all look wonderful. Seen a few different groups come through the studio. Jamie's doing a grand job greeting you all. Steve looked as though he was enjoying himself as well.

Did recognise a few faces. :)
been watching and seen a few peeps come into the studio you all look like your enjoying the experiance safe journey to all on return and we want to see pictures on here please
I loved watching you all, best days viewing on Rocks so far !!!

I thought Jamie did a great job.
lol sammi ..you were fine .I thought you meant me in my pink coat was bein a lobster !!!!!!

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