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Jun 24, 2008
I had to log out yesterday from rocks as I found Carol a bit annoying! I saw her getting frustrated and when she flinged the bracelet (peridot and topaz) across the desk I felt sad as there was no need for it - She even went on to say I am not angry!!

I have also noticed she says this item is going to go to a ridiculous price and she drops to a price than she drops two more times and says this it it not going to go down any further a few times - we are not here to de value jewellery and after all these she again drops the price!!!! Make up your mind Carol. You need to stick to the price and if no one comes just pull the auction.

I also found her begging people to buy - maybe she is under pressure to sell but really did not enjoy rocks yesterday!!

I think rocks might need to reconsider and with the new format they will be better off having a tv channel where they can have a wider audience.

Phew.........thats it Rant over. Goes and sits down in a cold room xx
I have felt that the last couple of days Carol is getting p'd off with us for not spending more (by the way I bought that bracelet, hope I don't get the one she threw away in a tantrum...).
I can't help but think that it must be a difficult tightrope to walk for the auctioneers (are they auctioneers now? Or just salespeople?) deciding what to put on and when to pull items.
I also think that there are a lot of people making requests for items they could afford under the old system, but can't under the new one. It's not surprising that people are a little bit confused about how much things will cost - especially if, unlike me(!) they don't spend all their evenings lurking around Rocks. I can see why an auctioneer would get annoyed about being asked to auction specific items then having to pull them. I guess to the auctioneer it's the customer taking the p*** and trying to pull a fast one and get the item at below cost, while to the customer it's "I saw this go for xx a couple of weeks ago when I was on and I thought I'd get it for the same-ish". I know I haven't requested anything since the switch as I have no idea if I'm going to be shamed into spending double what I want on an item.
The transition has been tough, as example see the newly banned member who was whinging about the prices in chat last night.
But to get back on topic, yes bh, it is very offputting when you feel like you are being berated for hours on end.
I watched for the first time in ages last evening BH and it was the first time I had seen Carol and I have to say I was not impressed. :rolleyes: Her shouting, ranting endlessly about how low the prices were, ugly gurning and extremely loud cacophony of weird screeches, combined with flinging her arms around like a feckin windmill totally pi$$ed me off and I logged out again pdq. Truthfully, her grotesque noises scared the hell out of my cats and made the whole spectacle thoroughly unenjoyable to watch let alone buy. :mad: Where the fook did they find her?? I hope they either lose her again or metaphorically muzzle the annoying cow. :mad: :pPC:
BH I'm in a cold room...too much bling for the heating bill! :31: I have to admit I fell for it last night. Due to work, haven't been around much so missed lots. An item I had requested came on, so I felt I should go for it. Carol had just had a small rant about how other presenters may be able to put the prices lower than her, but she could only do so much. She seemed to be a bit cheesed off at the chat saying how much they paid in previous auctions - that's IMO only. My item came on and she said it was as low as she could go...I fell for it. THen in the chat room others said they had paid £10-15 less when it had been on other times. Such is the way of auctions, and I did get the item at a lower price than on CR. My own fault, I broke my usual pattern of watching with the sound off, if I hadn't heard her pleas I wouldn't have pushed the button so quickly - shows she's doing her job! :43:
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No its not just you BH, I found Carol a bit shirty to say the least last night and logged off because of it.
She needs to realise pieces don't sell because either 1. people don't like it or 2. the price is not right. I cannot for the life of me understand why, when stuff isn't selling they don't put requests on, regardless of whether they have been on or not already as people wouldn't be asking for them if they weren't going to buy them.

For instance that quartz necklace I got right, PPC said she would like a couple as well so I told her to request it etc. and they'd put it on. I went on at 7pm and sat watching thinking if it came on i'd nab one for PPC, I also went into live help and requested it, rachel said she'd put the request in, she never said it had already been on, so later on when Carol was complaining about stuff not selling I said in chat 'Carol put item no ....... on and i'll buy it because I knew at least 2 of them would (for PPC), she read that and said 'thats already been on and like I already said it will NOT be on again', she hadn't already said that at all, she had told someone some mystic topaz item wouldn't be back on because it had already been on but never mentioned this one, well not since i'd been on since 7 anyway.
I logged off after that, couldn't be doing with it to be honest.
I thought the same thing BH. Carol was definitely not a happy camper last night. I suppose she's frustrated because people aren't coming in to buy early, but saying things like, 'I won't be bullied into going lower' and 'Well, I'm not going any lower, so we'll just sit here until it's sold', isn't really the right attitude to take.

I liked watching because it was fun, but if this is the way it's going to be, I can easily switch off.
I haven't watched for ages (when it was auction format I'd make a point of watching for as much as I could every single evening).

Had a quick look in on the first falling price evening and last night was only the second time I'd been on since the change - to be honest I didn't like what I saw at all - Carol seemed to be losing it, ranting a little (frustration I guess) and it was not good - couldn't stomach more than 30 minutes of it.

Such a shame - I used to love it (and buying lots of marcasite) - would like more but I've been put off. :sad
I watched last night and thought how disappointing it all was. Carol was getting pi**ed off and looked very fed up. In fact I thought she looked miserable. I didn't like all the comments about being bullied into lower prices, I thought that was unnecessary. I think the other format was more exciting and entertaining and I can see why they had to change, but to be quite honest, I haven't watched for a while and I found last night a bit boring. Emma was quite entertaining though!
I felt awful last night asking for man stuff when the the night was already tortuous and what comes on but the green amethyst cufflinks I already have. The auction for two pairs went on for 10 minutes and was excruciating. Most of us already have what we want from the present stock and there weren't a hell of a lot of newbies in. Poor Carol lost it big time and needs a way out when the stock is stuck :28:.
Don't know if I am relieved or worried that many regulars feel the same! I was reluctant to start this thread but was so annoyed last night just had to get it off my chest!!

Don't get me wrong I still love rocks tv and all their staff and I have some stunning pieces from them - well over 125 pieces. I look forward to seeing how they change presenting wise when they go 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.

I also agree with Darls and felt the same when Carol refuse to put the request in as it had already been aired!! Are we now meant to sit 12-12 (from next week) and watch? Why ask for requests when they can't put it the second time round. I admit to watching before from 5-11 but certainly haven't done this since the new format so asking for requests seems meaningless to me or pot luck!!

Anne I saw you came in first for the bracelet. I nearly hit the buy button but all the winging put me off. Hope its a stunner when you receive it.

Lets all hope today is a better evening - would hate to log out on BCC evening xx
I didn't see it last night but I totally agree with PPC. I find Carol's yelling and screaming awful. It completely puts me off and I don't watch now when she's on. It's also no good getting ratty with customers - if the price is right, they'll buy. The presenter's job is to sell not pee people off.
I was watching a few nights ago when Carol lost it and I found it quite uncomfortable. I was logged on last night, but only watched for a few minutes with the sound on and missed most of what went on, but I'm not sure what she is trying to achieve. Putting your customers' backs up is surely not the best way.
I found it a bit grim last night, too much shouting, gurning and stupid pranks. I also felt we were being told off like naughty children.

The whole request thing seems to be a bit of a farce, all the presenters need to sing from the same hymn book with regards the best way to do it. Is it the chatbox, live help or email ?

I loved the rising auctions but I know they had to try a different way, just a bit of a shame.
I have felt that the last couple of days Carol is getting p'd off with us for not spending more (by the way I bought that bracelet, hope I don't get the one she threw away in a tantrum...).

Me too Anne ! I got one and will be checking it carefully for any scratches.
I agree with all the comments in this thread. I watch as much of rocks as I can but have the volume very very low - can't be doing with tantrums ! Have enough of that all day at work
Can this new format be making them any more money than the old one ? I have seen so many items being pulled because no ones come in at the prices they want to stick to and now its got to the stage were they are only putting in one or two items unless its a really cheaper end piece then its more but to be honest its so slow now that its quite frankly boring and i'm saying this as a real rocks fan so how do others feel who are newbies maybe they dont realise how much fun it used to be and i like watching when barrys on less ranting and raving
I wasn't on rocks last night so cannot comment on what happened. However, I do think that rocks is going to have to get a much wider viewer base, the regulars are still watching, and still buying, but with the best will in the world, especially with the present economic climate, we cant all keep buying ad infinitum. I notice that newbies register, buy a few things, then seem to disappear, probably because they are buying gifts etc and arn't die hard gemaholics! Rocks by its nature as an interactive internet site is, I think, more pro-active, and requires more effort and attention to get into than just sitting watching telly and flicking channels. Not many people are going to log on and watch for 5 hours solid at a time,every night, in the hope of getting 'the bargain' especially if prices are not as low as in previous weeks. I know rocks prices are good, but jewellery isn't a necessity......(ok, ok, I know!) I think rocks have got to get more people interested in dipping in and out, and buying, and although I wish them the best of luck, I think that is going to be a difficult task. If a presenter gets a bit frustrated, that is just going to make people log off in droves!, and, no matter how cheap an item is, if I don't like it, I aint gonna buy it!
I wasn't about much yesterday but when I did briefly pop in, Carol was referring to the people logged on (ie loyal Rocks customers) as "you lot" which frankly is rather rude in my opinion. I had the impression that the people chatting were being admonished by a stern teacher for not paying full attention. Ok, sometimes people just go there to meet and chat to their pals, but while they are logged on, there is always the chance an item will catch their eye and tempt them to spend.

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