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Lady Darls

Jun 24, 2008
I've had a little delivery today and while I absolutely LOVE this ring, it just does not suit me, its too chunky. I think it needs someone with nice long elegant hands.
Its fantastic and the stone is superb and all for £9 :eek: I am gutted cos I so wanted to keep this but it really doesn't suit me does it?



I also got this one


The first one I agree doesn't really suit your ring finger. Perhaps it might look better as a middle finger ring?

The second one looks lovely on you :)
For what it's worth

My opinion and as a man what do I know? - it's an unusual design and if it doesn't go middle finger I still think it's a beauty and makes a statement. Perhaps you aren't used to the bold size but it does look great on you. Bugga convention and go for it :1:
love the colour ,not so sure on that finger what bout the middle finger or the other hand ,for some strange reason some rings of mine look better on the other hand.. no2 is lovely
Oh I wouldnt wear it on that finger thats the only finger it fits so would have to get it resized before I could wear it on the other one.

Have another one coming tomorrow with a beautiful heart shaped garnet in it, OMG and i'll want to keep that too lol
I love the second one - looks really good. The first one isn't one I'd go for myself and I don't think it looks as good as the second, but maybe like others have said on another finger it would look different? It's a beautiful colour.
LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I've got short stumpy fingers Darls, and like you, didn't used to wear big bold rings, but I have to say, I do now. Perhaps you're just unused to such a bold statement on your paw, keep it, wear it and enjoy it!!!

My opinion - I like it! Although I think that brushed silver look will wear off very soon, especially with the ring being so chunky.

It all depends whether you're sending something else - it's not worth the postage to send that back on it's own, so you might as well keep it because it'll be lovely for occasional use.
Honest opinion Darls - send the first one back I did not think it was you when you were bidding for it and so wanted to be proven wrong. I think its the thickness - send it back Darls.

Love the second one I have it in lemon and citrine.

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