High postage to Orkney - why?


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Sep 13, 2008
I successfully bid on a lovely silver and ruby bracelet, however when I came to pay, I was astounded to see that I was being charged over £12 for postage!
Why is this? Royal mail charge no extra, so why do gems t.v ? The jewellery channel charge £5.95 to post to Orkney.
It costs gems t.v. no extra to post to Orkney, so why do they charge me extra.
For that reason I cancelled my order.

Has anybody else had this problem?
Hi ally, welcome

£12.00 is ridiculous and unfair when it can be sent for £5-6. I assume this was part of the savings they have made by renegotiating and changing their courier that they talk about in their annual report. Not a very good Business model if you are losing lots of customers.

You can easily read my others posts here to see that I am far from amused with Gems TV of late. However, I have to say it is not uncommon for companies to charge a higher postage to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland so Gems are not alone in this. I don't know the reason for this but have seen it many times before.

Rocks.Tv charge extra too :- 3.2. We offer an alternative deliver service to the Outlying Areas and also to the Scottish Islands, the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland ('the Extended Delivery Service') but the delivery time and cost of delivery will differ from the Standard Delivery Service

TJC don't appear to deliver to the Islands at all:- The Jewellery Channel only accepts orders for delivery to UK mainland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

However the new Rocks & Co. don't treat the Islands any differently - good on you:- We deliver to all UK addresses with a postcode, including Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight, and Anglesey. If you reside within the non-mainland areas mentioned you will still only pay £5.95 and can take advantage of all the other postage offers that mainland UK customers can

Not fair but unfortunately not unusual to charge more.
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I've had items from the jewellery channel, so they do deliver here, charging no extra to do so. All their items come via Royal Mail special delivery, so there is no reason atall to charge any extra.

Couriers don't come on to the island (I live on one of the outer islands, not Orkney itself). It would cost them far too much to do so, as they would have to pay for the boat accross. All our mail comes via the post ofice, or the boat crew are nice enough to leave items at the pier for us.

Charging extra is a con. I have plenty of parcels posted here at no extra cost. Like I said, royal mail don't charge any extra, so why do they, if the mail arrives here by Royal Mail?

Thanks all for the welcomes and the info.
Oh I agree. I refused to buy from Gems in the early days as they charged £10 to post to Belfast. Then they changed and everyone paid the £5.95, now again it has changed. So no more buying from them.

Rocks TV charge £5.95 to Belfast, I asked live and received the reply it does take a few more days though.
I don't mind if it takes a little longer, (though generally it doesn't as most of the mail comes by air), but I don't see why I should pay extra!

I don't even watch gems t.v. anymore. There's no point.

I must check out rocks though. Better not confused with the two rocks!
Tha's good that TJC deliver and at the normal price Ally. Their website needs updated obviously! Oh and sorry - forgot to say Welcome!
Thanks for spotting that in our T&Cs Klos, as it has brought to my attention that we need to change the wording to reflect our delivery charges.

We charge the same throughout the UK, including Northern Ireland and the Scottish Islands - it's all £5.95.

Kind regards

John Bennett
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