Hi to everyone!


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Nov 1, 2008
sunny cornwall
New to Rocks TV, started buying couple of weeks ago and hooked! love collecting jewellery, Once i get the hang of things will send pics.
Please be nice to me as im a bit shy,and not to computer savvy!:5:
Hi Roxy. It's great you've decided to join us here and I hope you realise that shoppingtelly is every bit as addictive as Rocks, though much less expensive! (I'm fader4 on Rocks)
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Thanks Calvin, yeah have to be a bit careful,going to Australia in Feb for 4 weeks [trip of a lifetime and all that] :1:
sorry pearlyqueen,dont know diddly squat about footy or formula1
except guys look good in their leather suit thingys!
Hi Roxy......a very warm welcome from me too:60:

Are you Roxy on Rocks chat also?

I'm sweetpea in Rocks too....................I'm often found on the naughty step!!!:20:

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