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Oct 16, 2008
This is Alupha here saying HIIIIII to all.

Very anxious waiting for next week's items (a whole bag @@!!)
Love me previous items they r GORGEOUS!!!
Hi Alupha, good to have you here. Hope we can see pictures of your haul when it arrives. I'm fader on Rocks.

Hope you are delighted when your items are received! :biggrin
Welcome to the forum Alupha. I'm Heff on Rocks, but haven't been around much recently.
:1:hi Alupha and welcome
I'm Milly on rocks as well
So you need a whole delivery van all to yourself then lol
I'm sure you will love all your haul but if not you can return it no trouble
its the waiting for the van to come thats the worst bit:54:
Hello Alupha and Welcome,

I'm JanTheNan on Rocks, used to be that on here too but went the short route after forum crashed.
Hi Alupha and a very warm welcome from me:1::40::40:

I'm sweetpea on rocks too,I like to keep things simple(like me!!)

You've been a busy girl this week,hope you enjoy all your goodies that you are waiting for,it can't come soon enough can it........and with one p&p all weekend...............:54:

Hope you enjoy your time here too.
Hi Alupha, glad you joined us. We love to nose at other peoples bling, so you'll be right at home with us I'm sure.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing about all your Rocks goodies.

HIIII all ^^ THX sooooo much for the warm welcome~
me will try to put pictures @@ as much as me can LoL
but lots of me busy work this week will be prezzies so :54:
but if it's me things me will have it on here :21:

it says me can't change me avatar :33:
alupha, you cannot have an avatar unless you are a vip member, up there where it says donate. Only costs a few pounds and you get access to more of the forum, the vip area with lots more non shopping related threads
hi alupha ive sent a friend req look at top right of screen it say notiffication click on it and u should see the no1 in a list click on tha t and confirm me as a friend

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