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Aug 9, 2009
:hi:After several months lurking on the forum, I have finally taken the plunge.

Have enjoyed greatly reading the threads, especially those commenting on the various presenters/sellers. Loved IClaudipuss' recent spoof on Alison Young, and BurlyBear's satirical Battersea saga. BurlyBear, where is Chapter 7? - I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms.

In addition, I have benefited from forumites' suggestions on sources other than QVC for purchasing, more cheaply, various goodies such as EasiYo, Kipling, and makeup. Thanks to those members for their suggestions.

Look forward to joining the F.A.R.T.E.Rs - if they'll have me - and participating in the various threads.
Hello all,
I am not new but a member of old.........so Hello minniehaha, and hello to anyone who remembers me x x x
Drama Queen, SCW, Toadette, Tia and Water Siren, thanks for your warm welcome. Am new to posting, so have to learn the ropes, and hope to do so quickly. Am sure that I will enjoy the forum.:wave2:
:http://i70.ph: to everyone new to the forum, I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves here.

Hi, Minniehaha and rainbowdottie, welcome to the madhouse. xxxxxxxxxxx
Welcome back, Dramaqueen. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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