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norfolk dumpling

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May 15, 2009
I've been reading your threads for some time and made up so many replies in my head so have decided to jump in and join in although I'm away next week (cruising round the med - wonder if its the same cruise Shaun and his mum are on) :11: Look forward to having a yarn when I get back
Welcome Norfolk Dumpling and look forward to your posts when you get back from your cruise, I hope you've got you're itsacrap etc packed in your case :13:
:welcome: To the forum Dumpling!

As you will have seen from our posts, we are avid IW fans, and just can't get enough of their excellent products, superb speedy delivery, and their On Trend fashions. :whistle:

:60::35: welcome to you norfolk dumpling i am jealous i need a holiday need the sun to bling my bling
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Welcome to the mad house Norfolk. I am sure you will enjoy being part of our gang - have a great time on your hols.
Hello Norfolk stuffing, Welcome to the forum, and hope you enjoy your cruise. I could do with a holiday
thank you all

thanks very much for your lovely welcome. Seems you have me sussed out already. Yes of course, just like Moria C all I will be taking on board will be 6 pairs of superb itsarap trousers (not) flip flots ( must admit, having got funny feet, I do own several pairs - just ordered the birthday specials), my 21st century swimsuit and black tights. I'll look a picture at the captains table!!!

I had to order the flyflots - her eyes looked at me and told me to.
Welcome to the land of insanity Norfolk Dumpling, have a great cruise, then join in the fun ! And don't get too sunburnt ! Am I jealous ? YES :1:

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