Here it is - My mega haul!!


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Beading Belle

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Jun 24, 2008
Received this haul on Tuesday. Its taken me a while to take photos - I wonder why :53:

All Keepers - only one going back as the MOP bracelet is broken.
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You are really building up quite a collection! ( How do you store it all?! :54:)

The multi pearl bracelet is my favourite. Enjoy wearing them. :1:
And more............ Thanks to our lovely darls who posted the pearl hoop earrings to me and they are huge!! Fits me like a bracelet1!!!!!
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Right and finally my comp. wins Phew.......:1: Must add a big thanks to katherine, Tony, Rachael and Hayden who were wonderful and added most of my items manually as the site was playing up!! Thank you guys - You all are just super stars :)
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A big thanks to M4g for getting me the Citrine necklace and the stunning blue and white pearl bracelet xx
My goodness, you've posted even more since I last popped in!!!!!

New favourites are the 2 prizes..both absolutely gorgeous. And even nicer to know that they are unique!

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