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Jun 24, 2008
My raspberry canes arrived today and I wanted to plant them (as suggested) in a 30l pot, and grow them as a sort of wigwam. The instructions are for planting in the ground and suggest cutting them back to 8" above the ground. Does anyone know if I should cut them back, and if I do will I still get the promised crop this year?

I should say that I've had quite a few plants from IW and they have all been really good quality and arrived in good time. The bedding plants (180 for about £35 I think) were fantastic - every one has taken and they look great already.

Thanks for any advice on the rasps.

I dont know about growing them in a pot but it is usall to cut cane fruit back when planting.
I looked as this last week and when I invsetigated furhter the same variety they were selling else where said only crops about now for a few weeks , were they were claiming the would fruit contiuosly till the autumn. So I did not bother ordering.
Thanks. I think I will cut them back - they look quite straggly as they are. Fingers crossed for a few rasps later in the summer.
GardenBargains Raspberries . . . .

The canes you will recieve are 'long-canes' and if you want to get the maximum fruit from them this year DO NOT CUT THEM DOWN!

The 'old fashioned' way to grow raspberries means you would do just that, but modern techniques and these 'long-canes' mean that you should not.

Plant them as soon as they arrive, water them copiuosly and they will come in to leaf within 1-2 weeks - they will fruit from late July until November.
Thereafter they will fruit every year at the same time and in the normal way as regular raspberries.
Cut out the oldest and thickest branches once each year in spring time - the fruits will come on the 2nd year branches.

This new teqnique means you do not have to wait a whole year before you start to enjoy your fruits fruits!

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