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Lola Rose

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Jun 25, 2008
Hi everyone,

I'm looking and for advice and/or opinions on my misfortune with some Nail Inc nail polish.

Basically, I filed my nailed, used the Nails Inc base, then Nails Inc Pink Polish, then the Nails Inc topcoat....

the result......


The polish was streaky and uneven, looked tacky and whipped it off with sheer disbelief!

Where did I go wrong?! :62:
sounds sadly typical of some nails inc polishes , they need at least 2 coats to cover IMHO i never boter with the base coat but use the 45 second top coat , I have found that it depends on the colour the darker ones being worse for coverage/streaks , But I still love the range
Agree with Brenny, I have found the Nails Inc varnishes to be very inconsistent when it comes to ease of application!
Some of the grey shades are very thick indeed, yet some other darker colours are really quite thin & streaky!
Bit of a nuisance & some colours I wouldn't order again, as not being able to see too well anyway, I'm obviously most keen on the ones that go on easiest & most smoothly! :)
I think they usually suggest using two coats but the streaking might also have been down to the temperature. When it is warm and/or humid any nail polish can apply very unevenly. For this reason I usually keep my base coat, top coat and polish in the fridge during the warmer months.
it also helps Lola Rose, if you have a really "dry" nail under your basecoat...I use OPI's "chip skip", this dehydrates the nail bed. Also, sometimes, when applying your first coat of varnish, if you go over the brush stroke again, it actually removes the stroke you made, (if you see what I mean) and can make it streaky. As the others have also said, you always need two coats of varnish. Then wait a couple of minutes before the caviar top coat...sometimes applying the coat too quickly after the varnish can also make it streaky:33: Us girls eh? what we have to do to maintain ourselves!:1:

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