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Jul 18, 2008
i will start by appolgising for my lack of techie knowledge......we have just got the acer TSV. [ came quite quickly as he said 10-14 days & still have a very cluttered desk top ] anyway.....we thought we were buying a small up to date computer with all whistles & bells for the price bracket...... hubby has MOSTLY unpacked it & swears theres no more discs to come out of the boxes....1st they said it came with vista......we have no disc & no booklet with a licence code on it like we had when we bought the last one....[ xp ]...+ they said it came with the panda 3 year anti virus /firewall [ did warn you about my dumbness ] such discs BUT we have 2 discs that says blank recovery DVD discs yes TWO thats the same a disc for the monitor.
ANY HELP PLEASE.......i was hoping to upgrade this computer which i am using & i wont be able to as i dont have a disc ??? sure he said that it would do /serve several pc;s HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP........many many thanks & please keep it simple for a simple 'silver surfer'.......thanks ladies / gents
Unfortunately, it's quite common for PC makers to stuff everything on the internal hard drive and not supply any discs, especially for the operating system. In all the machines I've bought I've only ever been supplied with a restore disc once, for Windows XP. Vista installations tend to have a special recovery partition. It might be possible to create a backup CD/DVD yourself from that if it exists. The licence code for Vista will be on a sticker on the bottom of the main unit. And the rest of the software presumably is pre-installed.
thank you

many many lady has sent me an email [ who got me to join on here in the 1st place so MANY THANKS TO HER AS WELL ] i really thought i had been short changed.....its all a dark art to me but i do manage but internet shopping etc only....[ selling too ]........but really fancied a newer quieter model that the hamster wasnt tired out........
thanks again to you both.....
I have just bought an Acer PC - what you have to do with the blank DVD discs is make your own backup recovery discs, and then keep them safe - should you ever need to use them to recover your PC to the factory settings.

There should be a small icon on the desktop - in the middle at the top, that says 'empowering technology'. Click on that, and there will be an Acer recovery management icon - click on that and it will give instructions for making a backup CD.

I have done mine, and had to use three DVD discs!
My new laptop arrived from Currys this morning. Everything is actually installed already you register when you turn it all on. Mine does have a sticker on the top for Vista with a number etc, but you are just talked through it by the computer itself when you switch it on.
THANK YOU ALL VERY VERY MUCH.......i shall pass all this info on to my hubby when he gets home from work........i know last night we saw a vista logo on the computer having help as well via thanks to that lady
its been nice to have some replies back....thanks guys again....all help greatly old biddys need you young ones.....
top cat
thats why then they have given us 2 blank discs........

i need to clear my desk before we can really put it up & running.....thank goodness for the 30 day phewwww as i call does spoil you though for buying from elsewhere

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