Help ! Kim & Co TSV Friday !


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Jun 27, 2008
I can f.a.r.t. with no help tomorrow :angel:

Its the fast talking Canadian Queen of stretch :talking::talking::talking:

Great for her fans , but I'll pass thanks, too much static for my liking :rock:
stretchesto1000bajillioninches, soplentyofstretch..doesn'tmatterifyou'reshortortall...justturnitoveratthewaistband...ooohmmmmm*giggles*
I wouldn't touch 99% of her stuff with a bargepole and her TSV's are invariably awful but I was wearing one of her tunic length camis today with white cut-off jeans. It's pale green and white and whenever I wear it, I receive compliments. Her spiel drives me nuts but the few carefully chosen items from her range that I have, really do fit and flatter and stand up to endless washing etc.
:rock:Good for you Artemis, nice to hear some positive comments

I have items of hers from when she first appeared on QVC which I love and cherish. I could never wear her silky trousers in turquoise or "geranium", for instance, but then, I wouldn't wear those colours in anyone's range. Some of her patterns are garish in the extreme and It's a shame because some of the ranges are great. Her company makes me immensely flattering black trousers, made to measure at no extra cost, some of which I have had for years. I appreciate them because I have thyroid problems and my weight goes up and down and because, worn with a pretty top, I always looked smart at work. I used to have to change kegs, dish up food etc. and they never looked scruffy.

Today's TSV is fashion for the more mature lady I think. Looks comfy though. I have bought some Kim & Co and the camis are a good basic. Had a pair of her crop trousers on on holiday and when the temperature soared, I thought my legs were going to explode, they baked to an unhealthy temperature!
I am trying to give Kim & Co a body swerve, still got pieces I have never worn- I much prefer cotton things like Monsoon tunics etc.
not that I've bought into them - but I think kim and qvc have realised there is a recession on - her last 2? 3? TSV's have been a more affordable top.

There was a time when her TSV's were always a 2 piece or a set around or over the £50 mark.
Goodness me! She couldn't get her words out properly in the 7am repeat. Was she a bit squiffy?! She even described a skirt as being suitable for inner and outer wear. What the heck does that mean?! It can be used as an undergarment? Or it's suitable for indoors and outdoors?! If so, wow! What a innovative concept ... NOT!!!

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