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Jun 24, 2008
I've wanted a yellow gold Colombian emerald ring for quite some time now because not only do I think it's a lovely stone, but I was also born there. Bizarrely, I feel it would be some kind of a link as I'm not ever likely to return.
Trouble is, I don't know very much about them and what to look for in a good stone.
I've bought item no. 618618 (1.05ct) for £699, is that a reasonable price? It's obviously not a large stone, but it doesn't look too included to me and the colour looks pretty, but I don't know what the best colour would be anyway. It's difficult to capture the precise colour on photos, but do you think it has a window?
I'd be very grateful for any advice as this will be a one-off purchase and I want to get it right.


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:OMG: It's gorgeous, it looks a beautiful colour, and I do think emerald is one of those stones that looks equally good in yellow or white metal.

My sister has an emerald, bought from one of the more upmarket high street jewellers, don't know if it's Colombian, and is about .70pts, and they paid over £750, and this was about 10 years ago.

I love the simple elegant setting.
Looks a gorgeous ring Jacqualina, but i'll let the resident experts advise you more on price etc :) Enjoy it if you decide to keep it:)
Hi Jacqualina,
Meeshoo is the lady with the knowledge and probably a wonderful example of an emerald extracted from her vast jewellery box!

On a more modest level, from a novice. I bought a Columbia emerald, a little smaller 0.85 Rhapsody a few months ago.
I can't stop looking at my ring when ever I wear it. I have had so many complements from other ladies. My ring is so clear and very green.

Your stone looks similar to my ring. I have a picture (bit fuzzy) The colour is lighter due to the flash.

If you like your ring keep it, it looks like a lovely and you are going to enjoy wearing it.



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Jacqualina - do you have a loupe? I'm concerned about one of the inclusions I can see. It looks like it might be surface reaching and appears to go from one end to the other of the gemstone. Have a look at the first picture below. I've drawn a red line just to the left of the inclusion. Even if that's not a surface reaching inclusion and I'm pretty sure it is (you'll probably be able to feel it on the side of the gemstone), an inclusion of that size would give me the heebie jeebie's because ultimately Emeralds are fragile and an inclusion like that may weaken the stone even further. If you look at your first two pictures above, you can see the inclusion fairly clearly.

In terms of price and clarity - I'm going to be honest because I know you'd want me to be and we're friends! It's an ok colour but the clarity is not good and the price is a little expensive for what it is.

Just so you can compare - I don't know if you're watching now but they've just had a stunning ring (I know it's in w/gold) but the emerald is bigger than yours, no window and superb clarity (hardly any jardin) and on top of that there are two diamonds all for £100 more. Screengrab below.

This was also on and didn't sell at £799. Again, it's bigger but the clarity was phenomenal. If I wanted an Emerald I'd have snapped this up in a heartbeat!

Emerald buying is usually a time consuming affair. You're extremely lucky if the first one you see is "the one". Typically you need to see a number of them until your prince shows up!

At the end of the day though - this is about YOU. If you love it, then don't listen to anybody else. Go with your gut feeling.


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Thanks Meesh, I did see those emeralds in white gold and they looked beautifully clean. I do have a loupe and I'll give it a good check over in the morning. Thank you for being honest and giving me the benefit of all your experience, I wouldn't want anything else!
I'll let you know what I decide.

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