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Jun 24, 2008
To say I am angry is a MASSIVE understatement
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I was checking out my basket and when I pressed the Place Order button I got an error message:-
An error has occurred and our webmaster has been notified of this via email.
Please click 'Back' on your browser and repeat what you have just done.
If the problem happens again, please try again in a few minutes when it may have been rectified.
Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience

If the problems persist, please contact our Customer Care Department or telephone them on 0845 6588663 and an operative will be happy to help you.

I tried a few more times but no luck so as one of the items is due to be removed at any time, I decided to phone the number.

39 minutes later I finally got through to them and I explained my problem. I was told "oh just log off and then log on again and it'll be ok". I said that I hoped he was right as I'd been holding on the phone for nearly 40 minutes waiting to speak to someone. He replied "oh yeah no problem".
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So, I logged off and logged on again and guess what - The Same Bliddy Problem!!!

If I could get hold of that useless piece of poo who answered the phone I would not be reponsible for my actions!!

So the question is - What do I do now?

If I email them then by the time they read it (if they ever do) the item will have been removed from my basket. If I phone again I could be waiting for another 40 minutes and get yet another useless idiot on the phone and if that happened I'd be banned for foul and abusive language!!

I would phone back Klos, i know a potential further 40 minutes wait will be annoying but at least you should get your item. When i did get through i would very clearly but politely (without swearing) tell them exactly what i thought of their CS, once my order was placed and sorted. Good Luck sorting it hun. x
Thanks Tabs. Looks like that's the only choice I have. Between Sh*ttylink and Gems TV this weekend I'm going to end up in an early grave!!
Oh Klos, you really aren't having much luck are you? It's now nearly an hour later, how's it going? I think expecting people to wait 40 minutes is more than unreasonable, that's enough to get anyone's back up. You're not going to stay on the phone that long without it being an urgent enquiry so a little more tact from the operator should have been expected. Ask yourself if what's in your basket is worth the hassle, if so, bite the tongue until the order is definitely placed. I would then phone back another time and ask to speak to a supervisor. I think I saw Meesh mention that Dawn is on holiday so wait till she's back and air your grievances to her. You'll have had time to chill and the conversation will probably be more productive. Good luck.
Oh thats not good now is it, i dont know what is going on at gems towers at the moment but it needs to be sorted. Id definately call them again hun, let us know how you get on
All sorted now! Please see my new thread - Happy Again Thanks to Trish. Feel it warranted a special seperate mention.

Thanks for all your help everyone.
Tried to check out an order last night & kept getting the error message. Tried again tonight and the same thing!!!!!! :mad:
Janey if you're using a voucher code them that's what the problem is. Email CS and hopefully you'll get a quick reply and they'll manually put the voucher through for you.

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