hello one and all


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Hi Becca4 and welcome to st. I am gemlover on rocks. So pleased you decided to join. Have fun!
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Hi Becca4. It's lovely to have you here. I'm fader4 over on Rocks, but I'm trying not to hang out there too much at the moment due to being broke and having too much work on.

Enjoy yourself on the forum, we really are a great bunch and you'll get some laughs. :D
Hi Becca, welcome to the forum, looking forward to hearing about your bling :D

I'm Darls on Rocks :1:
Hi Becca:35:

So pleased you have managed to find us and join us here.I hope we get to see some piccies of your many,many purchases!!!:59:

Don't be a stranger,this is a great place to chat outside of Rocks hours and to discuss anything you like.

See you soon

sweetpea xxx
Hi Becca, glad you've managed to join us. We're all looking forward to ogling all your bling purchases. If you have any questions, just ask, someone on here will usually have the answer.

See you later!!!


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