Hello Kitty diamonique!!!!


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Jun 24, 2008
:51:pray we don't get the TSV from QVC USA - 19/01

Have you seen the TSV on QVC USA today - talk about naff!!!

It would go with quacker fashions or for some B&W fans but otherwise I can't think who'd like it

Or am I totally off beam?

J138094 is the item number - I can't seem to copy a pic - not that you'd want to keep it!!!!
This was talked about yesterday in this thread. As ever each to their own, Hello Kitty floated a few boats anyway. :64:
Or am I totally off beam?
Looks like it - never mind {{{astitcher}}} it wouldn't do if we all wanted it, might as well wear a uniform these days (or was it always thus?).

I must admit I liked the pussycat-face earrings, but I won't afford them :2:

I went of Hello Kittie when they roped in Paris Hilton and other useless famous faces.
I would love a sterling silver hello kitty necklace, not bothered about it being diamonique, if anyone has the name/link of an actual seller on ebay please let me know!

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