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<img src="/images/vicki.jpg" border="1" alt="Vicki" title="Vicki" align="right" />Hi,<br /><br />It was eight months ago that I left with a large bump and a silly waddle, but one beautiful girl and lots of dirty nappies later I am thrilled to tell you I am returning back to Gems TV on Monday 9th February at 8am.<br /><br />I have been watching and snatching lots while I have been away and I don't know about you, but I am loving our range of jewellery, from the coloured diamonds to the silver collection I can't wait to get back into the hot seat and present them all to you.<br /><br />Georgie is also looking forward to seeing her mummy on TV, and she can't wait for daddy to buy her first piece of jewellery!<br /><br />So I hope you can join me for a bit of fun and lots of fabulous jewellery soon.<br /><br />See you on the 9th,<br /><br />Vicki X
I was only wondering the other day when Vicki was back from maternity leave. Hope she doesn't miss the baby too much.

its gonna be great to have you back Vickki hun and using your married name i see. Ive missed your crazyness over the last eight months. i hope you and your famly are well and i will catch you Monday morning.xx
A Big welcome back from me too Vicki!!!!!!!!!! I will certainly tune in monday morning.
Congrats on your little bundle, bet she is gorjuzz, can't wait to hear all about her.

lots of love,
(5mm Bale Mary)
I think you will know me better by that name, from your challenge Vicki days!.
Doesn't anyone else find her on/off geordie accent irritating?.She speaks quite normally for a while then suddenly adds a fake accent.Does this make her more appealing,one of the plebs,or just annoying?

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