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Costs nothing to be nice!
Jun 24, 2008
Since I first saw the Maricota Amblygonite on the "New Items" threads here, I've been watching out for it as it looks really nice. I arranged my day so that I wouldn't have to go out until after the 11am launch. Settled down coffee in hand, laptop on knee and guess what??? Within 15 minutes I had to switch off!! That Fiona has just managed to give me a splitting headache in record time!! :Angry2:

What is wrong with this woman??? Why does she have to shout and wail like a Banshee?? Will someone please tell her she's not on Emmerdale now!!

Sorry Gems but £1 drops and Voucher Codes are just not enough to make me watch your channel when you still have presenters like this!! Oh and as for the £1 items - I am delighted for Mummybear but the ones I've seen are not open to the faithfull Web Bunch - you'd rather have hundreds of people clogging up your phone lines and delaying the next games!! Now where's the sense in that??? :Angry1:
I just switched over to have a look after your post Klos - so been watching for about ten minutes

I wish Fiona would stop saying that it's rare, beautiful and exotic, and actually give some information about the stone itself - what gem family, hardness, that sort of thing.

I can see for myself that it's a pretty colour, I don't need to hear twenty-six alternatives for the word 'green'!
I watch with the sound turned down, or on the web - I don't need to be told how wonderful it is, and the music gets on my nerves...If I like the look of it I'll have it, and that's it...
did she mention "verdant" jantac?!

must admit I don't mind Fiona. plus she's got a killer smile.

I'll get me coat...

You're not alone Sam, I don't mind Fiona either, find some of the others infinitely less watchable!

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