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Jun 29, 2008
that there have been some lovely bargains on TJC lately with their website auctions?

I am still abit wary of ordering from them since the disaster I had from them last year, but I have noticed that they have had alot of lovely bargains.
Must admit Yaz, that I rarely buy, although I did get a pair of cheapie diamond earrings recently, and have never bought from the web auctions. I had a minor problem as my CC details were entered incorrectly and my card initially refused, but I received my order a day earlier than expected!!:11:

I was wondering if they are like this now as they have so much competition now like GemsTV, Rocks and Co, RocksTV, QVC and countless high street discount chains.
Last year I noticed they were getting quite pricey but they seem to be coming down in price now.
It maybe the time of year or the fact that there is more competition out there now.
Think you could well be right, times are hard, and I've seen some absolutely amazing prices on big pieces of Tanzanite. If I didn't already have some, I'd have been in there like a shot!!!

TJC is brilliant lately for their prices. I'm actually watching again!
I saw a couple of what looked like very attractive pearl items go on their web auctions for £17. One was a necklace - I can't remember the colour but I know I liked it! and the other was a necklace and bracelet set, with white, silver and dark grey pearls. They were around 8mm, and the irregular shape which I like, though I know that's not everyone's cup of tea. Bargain, I think :)
I watched a little bit over the weekend and they seem to have some cracking prices at the moment. Shame I'm not shopping!
I watched a little bit over the weekend and they seem to have some cracking prices at the moment. Shame I'm not shopping!

I'm not supposed to be either, Marble, but I accidentally bought a blue Apatite ring a few minutes ago for £19. I wish I could afford some Paraiba Apatite but I'm not *that* accident prone.:54:
"accidentally" bought a ring?! That's excellent!

I love the colour of their "paraiba apatite" ... have a bit of a hankering for that too.
A couple of bargains from the web auctions arrived this morning.

I wanted a chunky necklace and saw this https://www.thejewellerychannel.tv/popups/viewdetail.aspx?StockCode=548436

I bought a similar necklace in amethyst a little while ago, and really liked the way the stones were cut with a sort of twist effect, and I'm very happy with this one too. Lots of pretty pinks, and splashes of black/grey. I might keep the bracelet as it is, or, if there are any stones I'm not so keen on in the necklace and don't want to just move them to the back (there are a couple that are a bit brownish), I can use the bracelet as spares - the set was £22.

For another £11 I got these too https://www.thejewellerychannel.tv/popups/viewdetail.aspx?StockCode=554343

They look great with the necklace and also with this http://www.gemstv.co.uk/DataSheet.jsp?productid=UJA2776 that I got from Gems a while ago (and took off the citrine drop!). The pinks are far more similar than they might look in the links, and the sideways oval links the pieces too.

It's a long time since I spent substantial sums with TJC, but I must say I've been happy with the service and delivery of these smaller pieces.

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