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When did you last buy from TJC?

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Jun 29, 2008
Poll to come.

I haven't seen alot of people on here buying from TJC recently.
I last bought from them early last year, owing to the fact they jipped me on a 3 piece ERP set and it took ages to get my money back from them for it.

So when did you last buy from them and can you remember what is was?
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I've never bought from them, some of their designs have almost tempted me but the catalogue of disasters on here has always held me back. I know it shouldn't have and that you should go by your own experiences but some of the stories on here have been so bad as to not make it worth the risk IMO.
I have never bought from them,but I only get a diddly 3 hours viewing a day on cable:(

Some of the CS issues are off putting to say the least so for the cheaper items I am not sure it's worth the risk or the p&p.

However,if I was after a nice quality diamond piece(dream on,sweetpea!!!LOL) or tanzy,emerald etc I would certainly look at getting an Iliana piece.

When I win the lottery.............................:51::18:
I've never bought from them, some of their designs have almost tempted me but the catalogue of disasters on here has always held me back. I know it shouldn't have and that you should go by your own experiences but some of the stories on here have been so bad as to not make it worth the risk IMO.

Exactly the same for me.
:lol: I'm in the minority here then. I don't buy rings because they're too big, and I don't do resizing because of the various issues others have had, but I did buy some small diamond earrings a couple of weeks ago, and they arrived a day earlier than expected:11:

My last order was in September but got returned. I also find their rings a little too large, which discourages me from buying them.
But what I've had and kept has been very nice and at reasonable prices. :1:
My last order was september a diamond cross it was for my xmas hubby bought me a new engagament ring for last nov too i still love tjc only ever had a small prob with them and they sorted it out with no bother.
I recently bought the plat diamond cross and chain mentioned in another thread and a pair of Iliana princess cut diamond studs. I've had some fab pieces from TJC in the past and would probably order more if they weren't so bluddy slow with their refunds. :rolleyes: :pPC:
Out of all the channels I buy from, the fewest returns have been to TJC. I have bought a fair number of items since they appeared on air and most have been at the higher end...Iliana or 14ct gold. My most recent purchase was a month ago...a very unusual tanzanite, tourmaline and fire opal necklace which I was delighted with (see previous post for picture). Although I have had a few issues they have all been resolved eventually. If I see an item I like I go for it as they have some very nice pieces at reasonable prices. I must admit, when they changed from Post Office deliveries to another service I stopped buying so much as I couldn't guarentee being in to receive them, but, with the Post Office I could collect them from the depot.
12-18 months ago - maybe longer I think!

I used to buy from them with far more regularity than I care to admit. Their designs were gorgeous and on the whole, the Iliana range was stunning. However, after Kavita left, problems with the way they were selling their gemstones, DREADFUL customer service and slow refunds it became more hassle than it was worth to buy from them.

When they started putting their prices up and the quality dropped I stopped buying.
Stud Earrings

I often buy stud earrings from TJC which are reasonable quality and price but also buy studs from Gems, Rocks - anyone really.
Well, those who know me also know by now that I can moan for Scotland!!

However, I have bought several pieces recently and all have been delivered quickly. I returned 2 items purely because they didn't fit - a bracelet which was too long and a ring which was too wide for my wee finger! I received my refunds within 2-3 days which was excellent. I have been very pleased with all my purchases and hubby has just ordered a ring yesterday for my Birthday on Sunday (yes 24 yet again!), an Iliana Green Sapphire and Diamond in exactly the same setting as my Paraiba :Happy1:

TJC are the only TV Jewellery Channel I will buy from now - hope I haven't jinxed myself now that I've sung their praises!!
Haven't bought from them for well over a year, probably 18 months to two years. I did buy quite a few items in the early days and have some lovely tanzanite from them. I did have issues which were all finally resolved after a lot of chasing from me (one took nine months), but I find I'm buying less jewellery generally - I'm a bit blinged out (says she waiting for a Rockstv delivery today!).
My last purchase was about 5 months ago - and was one of the mixed gem boxes. I didnt receive it in the end as they have a new courier who couldnt seem to get it to me and in the end they returned it to TJC.

i cant be bothered faffing with their new courier and delivery service which puts me off ordering. I so much preferred when the items came via royal mail and you could pick up at the depot! The new company are expensive, rubbish and wont deliver on a saturday which is tough when i work full time. I have tried to get things delivered to my work, but the courier will only stay for 5 mins after they call and quite often i can just drop what i am doing/ leave a meeting to collect it straight away. When i phone them they just kept telling me to leave my passport at the mail drop off point - I work in an office with over 6000 people - i am NOT leaving my passport lying around where anyone could nick it and my identity! Bring back royal mail - all is forgiven!!!
I've been put off buying from TJC because of their terrible CS reputation, so have only bought a handful of pieces over the years. They were all lovely though, bar one. My last purchase was an emerald cut Emerald ring bought last August. I still haven't got round to getting it resized yet! I've found the rings a bit iffy when it comes to sizing; they're either just too big or a shade too small, whereas the Gems rings seem to be more consistent. I'd love to try their earrings and I saw some jaw dropping diamond trilliants the other day, but it's too risky if you can't send them back.

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