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Jun 26, 2008
I've never had much luck with these plants. They are nice while they form a nice compact "hillock" of leaves followed by pretty flowers, but then they get straggly and soft, flop down onto the soil and look untidy and unattractive.

They are repellant to damage by slugs and snails but the little critters love to live and set up their "nursery" under them !!

When we moved to our house, the only flowers in the garden were hardy geraniums- the rest was all conifers- they are still all over, but I'd agree that the snails like to live under them!
cut them back really hard at the end of flowering and put a gritty mulch to deter the snails. site them in full sun to ensure lots of flowers but they are really lovely plants if you have the room for them.
Looking on the Thompson & Morgan site they range from £9-15 for 3 bare roots of these, so looks a good deal.
Geraniums are really easy to split into new plants. Just dig them up after a year or two. Break some bits off and replant either directly or in pots until established.

I recently turned a two year plant into 6 new plants plus the original

this is extortionate. You can get about 70 plug plant geraniums for about a tenner. Dont know if qvc's will be any better.
this is extortionate. You can get about 70 plug plant geraniums for about a tenner. Dont know if qvc's will be any better.

That's probably for the non-hardy geranium which are a lot cheaper and will die at the first frost unless you take cuttings and grow on indoors over the winter. The hardy types look very different too. A different type of leaf and smaller flowers

The QVC prices are not that bad on this one if you like the colour and variety selection. Personally I didn't. Too much pink for me!

I went for it. Hardy sounds good to me, plus I can kill most plants at 50 paces, and Richard did say they were vitually indistructable !
I've gone for them as I love anything which doesn't take a lot of looking after. I really liked that blue one with the rose flowers.
They're a good price too as I checked out Ebay etc and hardy geraniums aren't cheap.
I have decided not to order plants from QVC this year.

Last year I was very disappointed by the size and quality. Quite a few dies after a few months. Also the size of the plants was very small.

I think they sent out immature plants to keep the costs down.
Just wondering if anyone has received theirs yet? No sign here!

Haven't had mine yet either, concordia.
My garden seems to be a death-trap for nearly everything I've planted this year so I hope they're good plants.
No sign of mine yet either,although I have recieved some Claire Austin phlox and 2 of 3 OTO clematis, both ordered at the same time
So are mine Concordia. Glad they didn't arrive today 'cos I've been out so that would mean 24 hours at the sorting office for them
So are mine, except I only got 2 of the splish splash. thats twice in a week. (Only got 2 of the 3 Raymond Evison OTO )What is wrong with nursery employees? Is it in their job description that they can only count to 2!!! :34:
I'm not going to ring again, they'll also think I'm trying to pull a fast one lol

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